unlimited free sms to any number in the world 

unlimited free sms to any number in the world

unlimited free sms to any number in the world

unlimited free sms to any number in the world;Today is a special day and i’m going to be showing y’all how to send unlimited free SMS to any country at all. Be it USA, UK, Canada Nigeria, it’s totally free.

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  • It’s totally free, no hidden charges
  • It’s works for all networks
  • You can send to all countries worldwide.
  • It’s very fast in sending, immediately you tap the send button, the receiver gets it immediately.


1. Log on to globefone sitehere

2. Choose the country and the person’s phone number [you can input your own number to check if it’s true]

3. Tap on next, you will be directed to another page where you will be expected to type in your message.

4. When you done typing your message, simply press send.

5. And in less than 5secs the receiver receives it immediately. You can repeat this many times as you want because it’s free.

I have tested this several times and it’s working perfectly. The only major disadvantage about this site is the fact that your name doesn’t appear on the receiver’s phone, what appear is globfone

Following the steps above enables you to send free SMS to any country of your choice.It’s your choice.

that’s all you need to know. Don’t forget to use the share buttons below.

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