Tips on my fitness plan

Tips on my fitness plan

Tips on my fitness plan

Tips on my fitness plan-Nowadays the focus of Men’s Health Week this year is belly fat, as it is linked to a number of unwanted ailments and is more common among men.

this is to help inspire anyone trying to get fit this year, former Blenheim service user Jude Thompson has shared his fitness plan with us.

One thing I do acknowledge now is that fitness is not just physical exercise and yes, I might get myself outwardly fit, however that’s just a small amount of being fit.

In November 2015;I rapidly hit rock bottom. I realise now that was 20+ years of layering myself with a pattern of life that was slowly strangling me. What’s that good ole saying, ‘when you’re in it, you don’t see it’; I bloated to 18.5 stone, 4 stone overweight.

I had gathered information within the last 25 years in food and diet menus; in addition, I was interested in the subject as it was part of my job as a chef and i had flirted with ‘qui gong’ or ‘chi kung’ which is a breathing exercise. However, I didn’t practice what I preached which made my mind free fall.

Then i was all over the place. Eventually I had a massive breakdown. So, when I was flat on my back for the initial months, I decided to start using the love and support that previously I had not seen around me.Then i very slowly started to use the knowledge I preached and applied it to myself. One to be honest to myself and making a realistic ‘life’ list of what I really wanted to do also including using and accepting the love and support of family and friends and being prepared to take risks actually this is why I turned to Blenheim, Mind, and Friends in Need. I used the groups, the well-being practices, and joined their writing club.

Then started my physical exercise routine;everyday doing my ‘qui gong’ and although not a big fan, using the gym and loving the steam room with the cold plunger and through my Blenheim mentor, I organised a part-time organic fruit and veg course. But I started with baby steps, simply taking short walks in the sunshine and learning how to enjoy the present, something I find hard to do. Writing this down sounds so easy, but all I can say is, for years I was going one step forward and two steps back and now I feel that I am moving two steps forward and one step back, a massive improvement, and that statement brings a huge smile to my face.

As always food is also extremely important, i always cut refined sugars out of my diet. I would say this was one of the most significant things I have done.The refined sugar is like illegal drugs or being an alcoholic, or indeed anything which is addictive like coffee or prescribed drugs. You see, it’s a ‘hit’, an addictive pick-me-up. And when it is disguised in every part of process food life, we are hooked. This information of course is not rocket science, we all know it. My next step and part of gathering my strength was trying cognitive therapy. This didn’t work before, having already tried it twice. This time I was open to it and had a great counsellor. This gave me more confidence & discipline, so I went on a no-label diet, eating fruit, vegetables, pulses, grains, salads, fish and nuts (I initially ate more in quantity) giving me a controlled surge of energy.

I suddenly had less fear and started doing things I wanted to in life. My mind started to get un-fogged and I lost two and a half stone from November to January with not much physical exercise to start with. I do believe sorting out my diet was more important than going straight into exercise, especially when you’re on the wrong side of 50. I now have gone back to eating a little bit of meat and I do have the odd dessert now and again. But I have found that my palate has changed and whereas before I had loved sweet deserts I find them too sweet now. The point is I’m not hooked anymore. This gave me the freedom which triggered me keeping to my fitness plan.

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