Some good food you should know and not neglect

Some good food you should know and not neglect

Some good food you should know and not neglect;This is all about some neglected foods that is highly nutritious.


Its quite a pity that most  people have eaten pizza and confuse it for the junk food advertised on television. Look out at Italy there are laws defining pizza, which set allowances on the type ingredients eg; flour, tomato, mozzarella, olive oil, oregano etc..  Pizza is inherently nutritious and filling. Street corner pizza shops in  New York and other large cities kept close to the original idea of simple, fresh source. So jus try it you might like it.


Nowadays likes of wheat, barley, rice and oats, to name a few—are and have always been the most important food of the human race. But they neglect the combination of protein, healthy fat and vitamins.However just try oats with raisins, or barley with 100% fruit spread. These are far healthier and far cheaper.


Nowadays the  most common  bread people go for(the mass-produced white, soft doughy bread in plastic bags with a shelf life of weeks)the slice bread,is likely a major component of obesity and diabetes.Whole bread is flour and water with a pinch of salt and yeast.The processing creates a food product that, once eaten, is quickly converted to blood sugar, called glucose. This causes the pancreas to work overtime and ultimately destroys the my friends try whole breads are yummy and tasty.

pop corn.

Popcorn contains, well, corn. It’s high in fiber, low in calories, and contains only nominal traces of sugar, salt and fat. That changes, of course, NB:Microwaved popcorns are the biggest offenders with their long list of ingredients to enhance flavor. Try buying popcorn kernels in bulk for pennies a serving also control the amount of salt and (real) butter you take.

The neglect of Russet Potatoes.

This russet varieties of potatoes, with their brown skin and white flesh, are only marginally healthy to begin with. Cheap and hardy, yes, with a few nutrients, they serve some purpose as a filler.

Green Tea.

The most nutritious green tea is widely consumed throughout Asia and is nothing short of an art form in Japan. This green tea is made up of antioxidants and other healthful components shown in clinical studies to possibly prevent cancer, heart disease, senility and other diseases associated with anti ageing.


Some of my neighbors when I was growing up used to make their own yogurt, which is essentially milk fermented with certain bacteria. This yogurt high in protein, calcium and vitamins and can be eaten by adults, who generally cannot digest milk well. What is sold in mainstreet,supermarkets under the name yogurt is really a dairy dessert loaded with sugar and processed fruit, disguised as a health food.Just try plain, fat-free yogurt and add your own fruit.


Fish meals are very healthy. Doctors have been advising people to eat more fish for years, because they are high in healthy fats and low in unhealthy fats compared to beef and pork.



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