Guide on affordable online bachelor degree programs 2018/2019

Guide on affordable online bachelor degree programs

Guide on affordable online bachelor degree programs

Guide on affordable online bachelor degree programs;Those interested in earning an online bachelor’s degree will find many options on our best colleges list, which ranks schools based on tuition rates and alumni salaries provided by PayScale. We also offer a comprehensive list of accredited online bachelor’s degrees, which covers 463 schools and 5,184 programs. Prospective students will find information about their desired field and other popular areas of study, including the number of online schools, number of online programs, salary information, and more.

Guide on affordable online bachelor degree programs

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Guide on affordable online bachelor degree programs

20 Best Online colleges

Based on their high reported alumni salaries and low tuition rates, these 25 colleges and universities offer the best online bachelor’s degrees. University of Massachusetts-Lowell, ranked #1, has the highest reported alumni salary at $99,800 and offers one of the lowest tuition rates on the list at $11,400. Students can choose from 17 different online bachelor’s degrees at UMass, including a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.

Guide on affordable online bachelor degree programs

All tuition numbers were manually collected and verified

1. University of Massachusetts-Lowell
Annual Tuition$11,400
Median Salary$99,800
2. Drexel University
Annual Tuition$22,545
Median Salary$98,400
3. Oregon State University
Annual Tuition$13,365
Median Salary$93,000
4. Washington State University
Annual Tuition$11,329
Median Salary$91,500
5. George Mason University
Annual Tuition$32,520
Median Salary$94,300
6. Texas Tech University
Annual Tuition$21,330
Median Salary$92,000
7. University of Massachusetts – Amherst
Annual Tuition$11,700
Median Salary$89,600
8. University of Iowa
Annual Tuition$7,770
Median Salary$88,100
9. DePaul University
Annual Tuition$18,900
Median Salary$89,300
10. California State University-East Bay
Annual Tuition$18,864
Median Salary$88,800
11.Arizona State University
Annual Tuition$10,104
Median Salary$87,600
12. University of Maryland University College
Annual Tuition$14,970
Median Salary$88,200
13. University of Kansas
Annual Tuition$11,592
Median Salary$87,700
14. University of Denver
Annual Tuition$28,935
Median Salary$90,000
15. Thomas Jefferson University
Annual Tuition$18,150
Median Salary$88,500
16. University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus
Annual Tuition$26,029
Median Salary$89,400
17. Indiana University – Bloomington
Annual Tuition$9,460
Median Salary$86,300
18. City University of Seattle
Annual Tuition$16,245
Median Salary$87,000
19. University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
Annual Tuition$12,030
Median Salary$86,100
20. University of Alabama
Annual Tuition$10,920
Median Salary$85,400


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