Early morning quick work out To Stay Fit

Five morning work out you can do in your bedroom to start your day strong.

Early morning quick work out


Wake-Up Call Work Out.

You don’t have to rise with the sun to fit in an effective a.m. workout. This way makes it easy to become (and stay) a morning exerciser. When you roll out of bed and into these moves to wake up your muscles and kick your body into gear.

Directions: acheive  one set of the recommended number of reps for each move. Repeat the full circuit 3 times.
You’ll need Nothing,though a mat or towel is recommended for cold, hard floors.

Stretching Inchworm.Early morning quick work out

Wake your body system with this gentle move before you really start to sweat.

Directions:Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms by your sides.Breath in and stretch your arms overhead, holding palms together and lifting your chest as your head facing up to d ceiling. Breath out and slowly fold forward, opening your arms out to your sides and then to the floor,bend knees as much as needed to press hands flat on the ground.

Gently walk your hands out away from your feet, shifting weight forward, bringing shoulders over hands and lowering torso into full plank position. Brace your abs in tight and hold for 1 sec.

Slowly release your hips to floor and arch your lower back, lifting head and chest to the ceiling, taking a deep breath in as you stretch. Breath out, draw your abs in tight and use your abdominals to lift your hips back up into full plank position. Hold for 1 sec and then slowly walk your hands back to your feet and roll up through your spine to return to standing position . achieve as many times in a row as you can for one minute.

Power Pushups Work Out

Early morning fast work out

Your body is now warm, get ready to start things up for the next level  with this pushup exercise that works your chest, arms, abs, and legs.

Directions: From a kneeling position, press your hips up and back behind you so that your body resembles an upside down “V.” Bend your knees and press your chest further back towards your thighs, stretching shoulders. Shift your weight forward, strech your legs, and lower hips, bending elbows into a full pushup,tap your chest to the ground if possible.

Press your hips back up and return to “V” position, keeping knees bent. Power back and forth between the pushup and press back position as many times as you can for atleast one minute.

Sumo Squat to Side Crunch.Early morning fast work out

Sculpt your legs, butt, and hips while slimming your waist with this nice move.

: Stand straight with your feet slightly wider than hip width, toes and knees turned out about 45°,your hands behind your head. Bend your knees and   lower into a sumosquat, dropping hips as low as you can without letting knees buckle forward or back
As you press back up to standing, raise your right knee pointing up toward your right elbow and do a side crunch with your torso to the right. Step your right foot down and also repeat sumo squat and crunch to the left. Repeat, alternating sides each time, for one minute.

 Lying Knee Twist and Tuck Work Out

Early morning quick work out

This  moves targets your inner and outer thighs, hips, glutes, and back.

Directions: Start standing straight with feet together, hands behind your head.Then Brace your abs in tight, and as you do a side lunge to the right, bow forward, hinging at your hips, bringing your chest almost parallel to the floor. Push off your right leg and return to start position. Repeat, changing legs each time, for one minute.
Make sure you keep your back naturally straight and your abs engaged during the entire movement.

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Lying Knee Twist and Tuck Work Out

.Early morning quick work out

The final exercise in this circuit will stretch your lower back while challenging abdominal muscles.

Directions: Lie down (with a mat) faceup with your arms extended straight out from your shoulders, and your palms facing down.Then bend your knees and hips 90 degrees so you’re in table top position. Brace your abs in tight, and keeping both shoulder blades pressed into the ground, slowly lower your legs, maintaining 90° angle, knees should be touching to the right without touching the ground, go as far to the side as you can without lifting your shoulders.
Then draw your abs in tighter as you slowly lift your legs back up to center, tucking knees into chest and lifting your tailbone off the floor. Lower your hips down and repeat to the other side. Continue alternating sides for one full minute.
NB;If you can’t lift your hips during the center tuck, just draw your knees in as close to your chest as possible.


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